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     Far East Business Chinese covers authentic Mandarin used for communicating in today's global business world and benefits learners by teaching them to be adept in their use of Chinese business terminology. (more >>

Yeh, Teh-ming,
Professor of the Graduate Institute of TCSL at N.T.N.U.

     The Business Chinese website really provides the tools for evaluating progress, including a placement test and online testing area, which evaluate typing skills in addition to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  This course can take your business Chinese communication skills to the next level. (more >> )

teacher at MTC, NTNU

     Learners, regardless of whether they are beginners or are business people who already have some experience with Mandarin, can use the online quizzes to evaluate their current skill level.  By using the Far East Business Chinese textbook in conjunction with the online materials, learners can greatly increase their study effectiveness. (more >>

Wang, Wen-chuan,
teacher at MTC, NTNU

     Far East Business Chinese starts you off with the simplest work-related language, such as meeting up with clients or friends from work.  A diverse set of questions to test your knowledge is available online, allowing you to enter and understand the Chinese workplace early on.(more >>

Chu, Guo-hua,
teacher at MTC, NTNU

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Far East Business Chinese

Far East Business Chinese I is aimed at foreign business people who are either still in the planning stages or on their way to China to engage in business. This course was designed to help those who wish to teach themselves business Chinese. Learners are only required to have a basic grasp of Chinese (i.e., to have completed 120 to 200 hours of instruction) to use this course.

Learning Objectives
Start with the basics and work towards the more advanced materials to develop Chinese business-related communication skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
The Online Tests section familiarizes the learner with the testing format of the Business Chinese Test (BCT).
Create a personalized study plan based your own area of focus, study requirements and schedule.
By making use of various types of tools and media for learning, such as smart phones, Podcasts, text books, audio CD, Facebook, E-book, etc. information can be absorbed at a faster rate and the added variety makes it easier and more fun to learn Chinese.
Online Tests and Exercises help you identify those stubborn bad habits, areas that you’re struggling with or areas that you’re excelling in.  Feedback and correction from our online teachers helps to chart your progress and further improve your Chinese skills.
With Far East Business Chinese, it’s easy to learn Chinese in your spare time.
Access to the discussion forum comes with each Chinese Course, allowing you to interact with other students or Chinese teachers, and voice your opinions or get answers to any questions you may have.
How it works
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Placement Test
Evaluate your knowledge of Chinese business vocabulary to see if this course is suitable for you.
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Basic Course
Learn the basics of Chinese pronunciation, such as Mandarin Phonetic Notation, Hanyu Pinyin.
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Online Courses
Far East Business Chinese
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Online Tests
* Listening Comprehension * Listen & Type
* Reading * Read & Type
Speaking/Writing Exercises
* Speaking Exercises * Writing Exercises
Personal Learning Secretary
* My Courses * My Scores

Discussion Forum
Ask questions or share your learning experiences with others.

Vocabulary Index
* Vocabulary Search * Index Sheet

Vocabulary Book
* Website * Smartphone

Learning Tools

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